Construction Management

From budget preparation to final project turnover

Yonkers Industries successfully manages and executes all
critical control points and key aspects of your construction projects.

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Program Management

From concept planning to operations turnover


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Preconstruction Services

The Baseline to immediate project execution

One of the most critical activities to ensure
success of a project is a Preconstruction Execution Plan.

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Management Partnership

Our goal at Yonkers Industries is to work closely with your project management team, becoming a seamless extension of your organization.

Best In Class

Provide unified and innovative management systems to assure safe and successful delivery of our client's capital projects.

On Time & On Budget

Our corporate philosophy is to provide stellar construction services on time, on budget, while putting our client's needs ahead of our own.

We Are Committed

Our commitment is the basis of our integrity and the beginning of our project partnership. With Yonkers Industries, you get a management partner you can trust over countless years and numerous projects.

About Us

A trusted management partner delivering commitment and integrity


“Best in Class” customer service with qualified professionals who have proven experience.


From planning and preparation to final project turnover

Preconstruction Services

When we establish project controls, define subcontracted packages, evaluate and distribute engineering and contract documents, administer, monitor and inspect each project phase, we do so as your representative continually seeing the project through your eyes. Your concerns and deadlines become ours. At Yonkers Industries, our commitment is the basis of our integrity and the beginning of our project partnership.

Construction Services

From budget funding preparation to final project turnover, Yonkers Industries' construction management services provides the personnel, procedures, control systems, and experience to effectively integrate with the client and the design engineer. Our core philosophy of truly extending our clients' organizations, combined with our skills to anticipate problems and proactively implement solutions, enables us to successfully manage and execute all critical control points and key aspects on construction projects of varying size.

Program Management Services

Our program management services supports the needs of those distinct clients who undertake major domestic and international capital expansion projects that would otherwise significantly deplete their in-house engineering resources. Yonkers Industries extends the client's direct staff, further ensuring continuity and in-depth expertise by using a single point resource to support the needs of the project(s).

Industries Served

This list of industries served reflects the broad spectrum of in-house capabilities including special alliances with key Partners to provide both experience and technical competence to serve your special needs.

Aerospace & Defence
Bio Tech & Pharmaceutical
Chemical & Petro Chemical
Commercial & Industrial
Communications / Data Centers
Food & Beverage
Hotels / Hospitality
Power Generation
Process & Manufacturing
Pulp & Paper
Research Centers
Aerospace & Defence Food & Beverage
Bio Tech & Pharmaceutical Hotels / Hospitality
Chemical & Petro Chemical Power Generation
Commercial & Industrial Process & Manufacturing
Communications / Data Centers Pulp & Paper
Electronics Research Centers
Aerospace & Defence Communications / Data Centers Power Generation
Bio Tech & Pharmaceutical Electronics Process & Manufacturing
Chemical & Petro Chemical Food & Beverage Pulp & Paper
Commercial & Industrial Hotels / Hospitality Research Centers

Services Provided

Our Project / Construction Management and Project Delivery Services can be requested on an “as needed” basis for specific projects

  • All
  • Preconstruction
  • Program
  • Support
  • Project
  • Quality
  • Health &
Preconstruction Services

One of the most critical activities to ensure success of a project is to properly establish and communicate a Preconstruction Execution Plan that establishes the detailed list of scope items, responsibilities, timelines, definition of approach, and location, for each activity during this phase of the project. The Preconstruction Plan provides the baseline for immediate interaction for executing the projects.


Program Management

From Project Concept, Budgeting, Scheduling, Design, Procurement, Warehousing, Construction, to Project Turnover and Closeout, Yonkers Industries' Program Management services provides the support, procedures, control systems, and experience to effectively integrate with the Project Team. Our core philosophy combined with our skills to anticipate problems and proactively implement solutions, enables us to successfully manage and execute all critical control points and key aspects on construction projects of varying size.


Support Services

Yonkers Industries offers a variety of specific project support services required or requested on an “as needed” basis for specific projects. These services include:

  • Cost Estimating
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • Safety Management
  • Project Overview
  • Constructability
  • Procurement
  • Startup & Commissioning


Project Controls

Our integrated project controls provide a complete computerized database of tools and information to support project teams and clients. Our custom designed system provides an organized, centralized management database that acquires and exports data as the project progresses from preconstruction through construction, and into startup/commissioning and validation.

Yonkers Industries' integrated project controls database enables the team to have access to up-to-date information at all times. It allows the project team to create, update and report on all critical control points of the project. It provides continuity and consistency in capturing valuable project execution information.


Quality Control

Our approach will incorporate Quality in all execution phases and all elements of the project from preconstruction through operational readiness and turnover. We will ensure that there is full alignment and understanding regarding ALL required project documentation to ensure cost and schedule, effective commissioning, qualification, verification, and operational turnover & acceptance. Our approach will ensure Quality starts from the beginning and that Quality-related deliverables are both planned and delivered to support manufacturing and site operations.


Health & Safety

Clean, safe projects are our standard, regardless of geographical location or industry served. Our safety program is fully implemented on each and every project.

Full compliance is our priority no exceptions. Training and orientation of our personnel and those of our on-site contractors is continuous.

Since the company's inception in 1983, Yonkers Industries has achieved continuous excellence in project safety. Our OSHA incidence rates have been the lowest in the entire construction industry.

Domestically, here in the U.S., our project safety records are second to none. Internationally, we have exported our commitment to excellence in safety and have achieved outstanding results. Why? Because at Yonkers Industries, safety is more than a commitment it is a mindset. Safety starts at the top!


Preconstruction Services
Program Management
Project Support Services
Integrated Project Controls
Quality Control
Safety Program

Global Project Experience

World Wide Construction Management Services


Our Clients Served

All of our clients served, whether in the High-Tech and Process Industries or in the Commercial & Manufacturing Industries, have special requirements and considerations specific to their industry. We are organized to meet those needs.

Client Served Abbot
Client Served Amgen
Client Served BD
Client Served Biogenidec
Client Served Bristol
Client Served Campbells
Client Served Choice Hotels
Client Served CMC
Client Served Eisai
Client Served Genetech
Client Served GSK
Client Served Georgia Pacific
Client Served Hilton
Client Served Hospira
Client Served Hyatt
Client Served InterContinental Hotels Group
Client Served Janssen
Client Served Johnson and Johnson
Client Served Kraft
Client Served Lilly
Client Served Marriot
Client Served MedImmune
Client Served Merck
Client Served Nexus
Client Served Novartis
Client Served Owens Corning
Client Served Pepsi
Client Served Pfizer
Client Served Proctor and Gamble
Client Served Roche
Client Served Scgering Plough
Client Served Signature
Client Served Talecris
Client Served Valeant
Client Served Valent
Client Served Warner Chilcott
Client Served Watson
Client Served Westin
Client Served Wyeth
Client Served Wyndham